Every Thursday, four-year-old Brooklyn waits for her favorite garbage man  to come to their street, according to her mom (possibly dad…you can click here to read it all for yourself!). If ever there’s a time where they’ve missed the garbage truck, Brooklyn’s mom (dad?) drives around until they find it so that he can honk and wave at Brooklyn. He always does. waiting for her friend So this past Thursday, on her birthday, Brooklyn decided not only did she want to wave at him, but she wanted to give him one of her specially wrapped birthday cupcakes, too. Brooklyn and Delvar “HOLY COW… BEST MORNING EVER for Brooklyn (and me),” her parent wrote on Facebook. Their smiley garbage man, Delvar D., was genuinely so happy to receive such an amazing gift from his favorite Thursday person! Thursday Friends Delvar doesn’t have any kids yet, but says he works with kids and genuinely loves them. You can tell from the way both of them are smiling that this was a Thursday they’ll never forget! Happy Birthday, Brooklyn, and you keep being an amazing guy, Delvar! The world is a richer place for having both of you in it.

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