We love books.  You might have noticed that many of our activities and crafts for kids are based on our favorite reads. A lovely way to spend an afternoon is browsing the illustrated children’s literature aisles of the library…or the local bookstore.   Today I am super excited about what we are about to share!  This article is inspired and sponsored by a new, beautifully illustrated & written book, Where’s the Party? Wheres the Party book cover

Where’s the Party? by Ruth Chan

Where’s the Party? follows a cat named Georgie who loves to party.  Georgie loves…
“Parties with balloons.  Parties with lights.  Parties with cake and frosting.  But, more than anything, parties where everyone had a marvelous time.” – Where’s the Party?
Georgie decides to throw a party one day. reading wheres the party

Throw a Party Today!

I agree with Georgie! We should have the ability to throw a party at a moment’s notice! Some of the best memories are things that happen on the spur of the moment. We thought it would be fun to find some things to make party prep under 10 minutes. Under 10 minutes? Yep! cake in less than 3 minutes wheres the party

Make a 3 Minute Cake

This 3 ingredient mug cake takes less than 3 minutes including prep and baking.
“A party without cake is just a meeting.” – Julia Child
I found several different mug cake recipes that use things you probably have in your pantry because throwing a 10 minute party means you can’t run to the grocery store. We used this recipe from Babble called the 60 second gooey chocolate mug cake.  Check out the modifications and tips that Brooke Mclay recommends. We took 1 egg, added 2 tablespoons of cocoa powder and 1/4 cup of powdered sugar and then microwaved for 1 minute.  If your microwave is super powerful, you could probably get away with less time. We then added filled chocolate chips (the mint filled ones) for extra flavor.  You could use any chocolate chips, candy pieces or sprinkles you might have on hand and a little extra powdered sugar across the top. The cake can be eaten in the mug or turned out onto a plate. I like that you could make as many as you need depending on the number of impromptu party-goers! Making a party banner

5 Minute Party Decorations

I think you need party decor too!  We grabbed 4 sheets of school construction paper sized 11×14. Stack the paper and then fold in the middle of the longer side. Measure the middle of the folded paper. With a ruler, draw a line between the outer corner and the middle mark you just made on both sides allowing you to cut along the line creating a triangle. The folded side will also create another set of triangles. Tape the triangles to a piece of string or ribbon. Hang your colorful banner out of the reach of party-goers who might want to eat it… panda and banner for wheres the party

Time to Party!

When planning this party, I thought that it would be good to limit the prep time. And then I realized that making the decorations and baking the cakes turned INTO the party! Because just like Georgie learns, even though a party looks perfect, the most important part is the friends and family who are there. Join us as we read together and plan our own party:

We are throwing a party with less than a 10 minute prep time & reading Ruth Chan's book, Where's the Party?More information on how to make the cake or make the banners: https://kidsactivitiesblog.com/85178/throw-a-party-in-10-minutesWhere to buy Where's the Party by Ruth Chan: http://amzn.to/1WiI7dt

Posted by Quirky Momma on Friday, April 8, 2016
We hope you will pick up a copy of Where’s the Party? by Ruth Chan.  It is a fun story that kids of all ages will enjoy…and the perfect thing to read at your next 10 minute party!

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