Reusing, upcycling & recycling is what Kids Activities Blog is all about! When it comes to activities and crafts, we adore to start with what we already have on hand…buying more stuff just results in MORE STUFF! Recycle Rally at Kids Activities Blog It is one of the reasons why we are so excited to be partnering with PepsiCo on their crazy-amazing project, Recycle Rally. What is Recycle Rally? It is a fun way for schools to be supported in their efforts to encourage recycling through education, projects and incentives! Click here for more details about how Recycle Rally can benefit your kids! Today’s project is inspired by Recycle Rally.  It is perfect for younger kids.  Starting early with recycling concepts can make it a habit kids will keep through their life. Let’s make a shape sorter! When my kids were little, they were obsessed with how things fit. They are naturally curious when it comes to figuring out size, scale and object orientation. Creating a shape sorter works well for recycling because you can tailor it to items that are often in your home and also create different shape templates for each type of recycling item. The one we are going to create today is for the recyclable plastic bin at our house.

Make Recycling Shape Sorter

This project is easy and uses things that you already have. You will need:
  • Piece of cardboard large enough to fit over the top of your recycling bin
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Masking/Washi/Decorative Tape
  • A variety of recyclable items – see step one
tracing recyclables for shape sorter Now it is time to make the shape sorter!
  1.  Treasure hunt!  Start with a hunt of all things made of recyclable plastic throughout your home (or classroom).  Guide kids to start in the recycling bin to see what items already await pickup and then look around to see if there are other items that will soon find their way to the bin.
  2.  Arrange the items according to size and choose several to use in your shape sorter surface.
  3. Cut the cardboard to fit on the top of the recycling bin.
  4. Outline the items you chose with marker on the cardboard surface.  Get creative with the orientation!  You might outline the bottom of one bottle and the side of another.
  5. Cut out the shapes.
  6. Cover the cut edges with tape to add a little color.
  7. Attach the shape sorter to the bin.
  8. Have your child see what fits in each hole.
taping recycling shape sorter Making recycling fun instead of a chore can help make cleanup a game.  Challenge your child to find things that fit the shape, size and type of recycling material to go in that bin. shape sorter for recycling

Recycle Rally is Making Recycling Fun for Kids {& Schools}

PepsiCo Recycle Rally is a FREE nationwide program that directly benefits K-12 schools and students by providing valuable incentives and resources to help make recycling easy, fun, and rewarding. Whether you ™ve been recycling for years or are just getting started, Recycle Rally will help boost the excitement and provide an array of tools to make recycling a big deal in your school. To help build a comprehensive recycling campaign at each participating school, Recycle Rally offers frequent promotions that offer prizes for taking simple actions to promote recycling or organizing efforts to bring excitement to recycling at school. Through the program, participating schools can download FREE resources, including poster templates, certificates, lessons, activities, and more from the online portal to promote recycling at your school. Schools can also accumulate reward points in your online account and redeem them for goodies like recycling bins, supplies and other exciting items! No matter how you decide to go about it, encouraging recycling in a playful way can help kids set up a lifetime of conservation that will help us all.

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