6 Real Signs You’re The Most Amazing Mom Ever

Ever wondered just how good of a mom you are? Even if you’re a tired mom, an occasional angry mom, or you just don’t feel like you’ve got it all together… here’s how to know you’re doing an amazing job.
Here are some reasons you truly are an amazing mom. Encouragement for the weary mother.

We mothers carry a load of guilt.

That we aren’t perfect.

That our home isn’t perfect.  

That our kids don’t behave perfect.  

We wonder if we are letting our kids down or screwing them up. Sometimes, honestly, we just aren’t sure.

Aside from telling ourselves this awesome phrase if we are feeling guilty, we need to start allowing ourselves to believe we are good moms. That our children love us. That we are doing a good job.  Because you are… You’re doing a good job.

How do you know?

Your kids run to you when they get hurt

When your child is hurt, crying, or upset, do they run to you? Do they want your comfort, cuddles, and attention? If they do, you’re doing it. You are a comforter, nurturer, and someone your child feels safe with. When children are hurt they naturally run to someone who will make them feel secure. That’s you? You are doing it.

Your kids  call for you at night

When your kids have a nightmare or feel scared at night, they call for you! This is because in their nervous or saddened state, they want their mama. They want the person who helps to calm them down, tells them it will be okay, and who cares about their well-being. They know mama can provide nourishment, comfort, and warm arms… that’s it, mom. There’s no replacement for you.

Your kids  look at you when they feel nervous

When your children are in an unfamiliar place and feel nervous or uncomfortable, do they come to your side? Hide behind your legs? Look to you to make sure they are doing okay, saying the right thing, or if they’re in good company? That’s because they trust you. They look to you for guidance, protection, and direction. This is a major role mothers have and if your children look to you in unfamiliar situations to find confidence, you are doing your job.

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Your kids laugh regularly

Sometimes our children will push the envelope in our home, and sometimes boundaries will make them unhappy. However, children are resilient critters. If your kids are content, happy, and love to laugh, you’re creating a positive environment. If you let your children play, imagine, and have a good time then you’re giving them the opportunity to create magic in their childhood.

Your  kids talk to you

We all want to be mothers who listen so our kids will talk. We want to raise children who feel safe and comfortable talking to us about life’s issues. If your little ones come to you and talk incessantly, be happy! It may be hard to hear your preschoolers talking nonstop, but this is the type of relationship you want to continue. If your children are willing to share their lives with you… you’re doing an amazing job.

Your kids love you

Do you have a loving, nurturing, and connected relationship with your kids? Do they love you, crave individual time alone with you, and desire to be by your side? Of course, this changes as your children grow into more independent beings, but the desire to  have a relationship with mom stays. If your children are secure in your love, happy with your attention, and covetous of time with you… that’s it. You’re an amazing mom.

Your were made to love your kids and your kids were born craving your love.

Nurture them.

Love them.

Be there for them.

Because that’ll make your kids think you’re the best mother in the whole world.

And that’s all that matters…

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