I’ve had the same nightmare over and over again since I was seven: I’m staring in a mirror and my teeth start to fall out. Not just one tooth, but all of them. It might be because seven is when I lost that first one and, being the middle child, my parents somehow forgot to tell me that it was supposed to come out. Who knows? Still, I think it’s a nightmare we’re all familiar with. mr romantic So you can imagine my abject horror when I accidentally stumbled blindly into the world of “Fugglers.” If you’ve never seen them before, Fugglers are the brain-child of whack-a-doo crafter Mrs. McGettrick (who goes by cathairandteeth on Etsy). There have been rumors of her in the cut-throat crafting community for years…but she swears the missing crafters have nothing to do with her. They are not Actual human teeth…sort of. fuzzy wuzzy fuggler See, you know those nights where you can’t sleep and start clicking through Ebay instead? Well, that’s what happened here. She couldn’t sleep and during her sleepless clicking she bought a bag of dental teeth. Dental. Teeth. Who does that? taco cat fuggler Well, what else is a crafter supposed to do with dental teeth when they show up if not craft with them? Which is exactly what Mrs. McGettrick did. Now, she could have done all sorts of things with those teeth: made necklaces to terrify kids with for Halloween, built an epically weird apple smoosher, told all the neighborhood kids she’s the real Tooth Fairy and that they should give her money instead of vice versa, drop one in her soup every time she goes out to eat to get it for free (no, don’t do that – that’s highly unethical and all that)…I’m just saying, there were other things that could have been done. fuggler by a window But Mrs. McGettrick? Nooo…she had one epic idea, and went with it. I’ve crafted with my own share of weird objects, so I can’t really judge her, but I can honestly (thankfully?) say I’ve never used teeth. You know, it’s kind of weird though…as odd as these look, as much as they induce nightmares  they’re kinda cute! Not saying I’m buying one tomorrow, but I can definitely see how I might buy one someday… mr romantic fuggler

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