Use this fun and free spring math pack to help your kids brush up on their math skills.

It’s a new week, and for us at Kids Activities Blog, that means new printable for kids. We hope you enjoy this fun learning activity together!

Spring Math Pack

Spring Math Pack Printables for Kids

It can be a challenge for kids to sit down and practice math. I mean, I get it! It’s way more exciting to play outside or even watch tv (ha!). This spring math pack will help entice your kids to learn by turning it into a fun game. Give it a try!

About The Math Pack

This pack has 3 pages. It’s all about working on addition and subtraction, along with some gentle comparison practice.

On the first page,  kids will have to calculate the sum of all the numbers that appear on the petals of a flower. Then they write it down in the middle.

On the second page kids will solve a fun math crossword puzzle, adding and subtracting numbers until they reach the end.

On the third page they will have to solve the equations on each of the butterfly wings and compare the results.

How fun! Even better, this printable  spring math pack is free! 

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