I have three boys.  One of the reasons for Kids Activities Blog and what I do here is to keep those boys busy and out of trouble.

Daily you will hear me tell them, “go upstairs or outside!”

Monster Moto for Kids - Kids Activities Blog

This “gentle” instruction is because they have more energy than needed for confined indoor spaces!

Always on the lookout for things that will encourage them to play outside, I was so excited to find Monster Moto Mini Bikes!

We have had small go-karts and other riding toys in the past, but nothing has captured the boys’ attention like these!  And I have to admit to spending quite a bit of time on them myself!

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Monster Moto Mini Bikes

My boys are ages 9, 12 & 14 so we went with the larger, gas-powered engines.  There is also a smaller version (that you see me riding in the video) for younger kids.

80cc Mini Bike

The 80cc Mini  is the model we got for my boys.  It reminded me of the mini-bikes that I used to ride at summer camp as a kid although these are a little larger in height.  It is easier to drive since there is no shifting of gears required.

monster moto mini bikes - kids activities blog

It is a gas engine which despite hours of riding, we haven’t had to fill up very often.  What stood out to me was how sturdy these bikes are.  I am able to ride it over rough terrain in our backyard without worry that I am going to break it.

The bonus is that it comes assembled – yay!

Top speed is 23 mph.


The E-Mini bike is also a ton of fun.  It is a smaller, less expensive, electric version of the larger mini bike.  The top speed on this bike is 13 mph and a recommended weight limit of 130 lbs.

{cough} I might be above the recommended weight, but it is an incredibly sturdy bike that held me without question.

Because it is electric, it is easier to start for little hands and a great option for younger kids.

Teaching Kids About Engines

Neither my husband or I are knowledgable about cars/engines so it is always a concern to bring in something like this that could end up needing repairs.

Monster Moto thought about this before we did because in their video library, there are a bunch of videos about mini bike maintenance and care.  The boys watched several of them so they understood what would need to be done to keep the bikes in top shape.  I love that they can learn about something they love that I can’t teach!

Epic Weekend

The Monster Moto Epic Weekend video really resonated with my family.

We are all so busy during the week and want to spend time together outdoors, but sometimes find it difficult to find things that the entire family likes to do together.

Because we live in an area that we can ride the mini-bikes in our yard, we have been able to take that a step further and enjoy them throughout the week as well.

If you pass our house, you might just see me chasing one of the boys across the circle driveway – both of us on Monster Moto Minis.

Psst… Come check out the quickest way for your kid to learn to ride a bike without training wheels!


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