Back-to-school organization is the key to a smooth transition from summer chaos to fall  structure.  Here at Kids Activities Blog we’ve teamed up with our sponsor, ClosetMaid ®, to bring you some great ideas for streamlining morning and afternoon routines.  We’ve even got free printables to make the whole process extra simple. simple back to school organization

How To Organize for Back-to-School

back to school organization 1.  Create a hub. The first step to an easy before and after school routine is having a central location for everything you need.  Keep school work, books, supplies, and backpacks handy.  If space allows, try to store after school supplies such as toys and sports gear in the same area  as well.  If everything you need to get ready for school is one spot there is a much better chance of it staying organized. ClosetMaid ® Cubeicals ® have everything you need to create the ideal hub.  They are affordable, functional, and easy to coordinate with any decor.  Use the awesome Cube Design Tool  to create your own perfect hub. closet made cubes for clothes 2. Pick out outfits for the whole week.   This time saving tip makes mornings run so much more smoothly.  Chose outfits for each day of the week complete with socks and underwear.  Store them in their own fabric drawer  and you’re all set. 3.  Make play accessible.    Designate a spot to store after school activities to make the transition easier.  Whether it’s gear for extra curricular activities like soccer or your child’s favorite toys, having these items  displayed and easy to reach makes afternoons a lot more fun. in-out bin for school work 4.  Create an In/Out box.  A simple spot to put all those notes that get sent home as well as finished assignments that need to be turned in.  Parents can check the in/out box after school and kids can remember to check it before they head out each morning.  Don’t make it too complicated, just label a fabric drawer  and try to go through it each day so that things don’t pile up. closet maid storage bench 5.  Coral things that are easily misplaced.    We were always looking for a stray shoe in our house, until we got the ClosetMaid storage bench. Keep shoes, hats, gloves all in one spot; the storage bench works perfectly for this and it’s also a great spot to get dressed. 6.  Display a checklist.   Avoid nagging by putting your child in charge of everything he needs.  A simple checklist, with the items needed clearly displayed and close by makes getting out the door a cinch.  You’ll find this free printable checklist, plus bin labels below.

Free Printable Labels for Back-to-School Organization

back to school free printables These stylish chalkboard style labels coordinate with any decor and will help your child stay organized  through out the school year.  Included are labels for the days of the week Monday-Friday which can used to label outfits, homework, and/or after school activities.  There is also and In/Out label and simple checklist of items your child needs each day. Click here to download and print  Back To School Organization Labels Once printed, simply cut out the labels and attach them to your bins will poster tack or safety pins.  Make sure to hang the checklist where it is easy to see.

ClosetMaid Cubeicals Make Organizing Easy

organize school clothes ClosetMaid Cubeicals are  my new favorite organizational tool.  Not only do they make storing things simple and easy to access, especially for kids, but the fabric drawers come in tons of cute colors.  Visit ClosetMaid and check out their awesome new Cube Design Tool  and get everything you need for the perfect back to school hub.  Connect with ClosetMaid on Facebook, Pinterest, or follow the ClosetMaid blog, for lots more organizational inspiration. giveaway image closetmaid One lucky reader will win a white Cubeicals ® 9 Cube Organizer with 4 Fabric Drawers in the color of their  choice.  See entry details below. ClosetMaid Cubeicals This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of ClosetMaid via RhythmOne. The opinions and text are all mine.

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