Do you remember wacky sacks?  They were these fun, oddly squishy balls that we would kick contorting our bodies, keeping the ball from touching the ground?  Relive a small part of your youth with How to Make Balloon Balls.  We are making our own hacky sacks to jump and kick, from balloons.

wacky balloon ballsHow to make a Balloon Ball

Supplies needed:
  • Balloons – 4 per ball.
  • Flour
  • Spoon & Funnel
  • Scissiors
making balloon balls Wrap a balloon around the end of your funnel.  We love these collapseable funnels.  We’ve used them for everything from filling popsicle tubes to baby food pouches!  Spoon your flour into the pouch.  If you are making juggling balls you will want to weigh your flour first so that each ball has the same weight. how to make balloon balls 2

Wacky Balls

Tap the funnel to help the flour fill the balloon.  If your flour is like ours it liked to get stuck in the neck of the funnel. After your balloon has been21 filled with the flour (we used between half a cup to 3/4 a cup of flour per ball), knot it so that the ball is secure.  YOu can double bag it with another balloon if you are worried about your kids bursting the balloon. how to make balloon balls 2 Cut the remaining balloons into strips and wrap them around your balloon ball.  Fun! Time to play! You can have more fun with balloons with these 22 balloon painting activities.  

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