what you might not know about me

One thing that you might not know about me is that I spent two summers in the Gross Anatomy Cadaver Lab…willingly.

gross anatomy Holly Homer{These are not actual cadavers, but that is my actual early 90s hair}

The first summer was in the first few months of Physical Therapy School.   I arrived with my entire class to the Loma Linda University campus in June to find we were enrolled in a summer of Gross Anatomy indoctrination.

Lectures ALL morning.

Cadaver lab ALL afternoon.

ALL summer.

What I learned that summer was that I loved Gross Anatomy.   And what I loved even more was dissection.

Dissection is like a treasure hunt with a map.   You know what veins, nerves, muscles, ligaments and bones should be there, but every body is different.   It takes patience and a steady hand to clear out the fat {literally} and uncover the treasured structures below.

The following summer I was a Teaching Assistant for the incoming Physical Therapy Class.   I was in charge of a room of 8 TAs, 40 Gross Anatomy Students and 8 cadavers.   Since the students were in lecture all morning, we were able to tackle some of the additional dissection that is necessary to get 40 students through Gross Anatomy lab in a summer.

It was 8 hours a day in the cadaver lab with my hair pulled back and my clothes {and hair} reeking of formaldehyde.   During the week, you can never fully rid yourself of that smell.

It was glorious.

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