Princess Hat Cupcakes

Birthday parties are the best!  But not when you have to stress about them.  Today we are partnering with Betty Crocker to have the birthday that our princesses  will remember for a lifetime!

I love the simplicity of the Betty Crocker cake mixes – and their party planning website is unbeatable.   If you are looking for inspiration they also have a book of Birthday Theme ideas.

These Hat cupcakes were inspired by these Elf Hat Cupcakes.    Today, we made princess hat cupcakes.  Easy.  Tasty.

kids birthday party idea have a cupcake decorating bar
easy to make cupcakes in the shape of hats cute idea for girls birthday

Supplies You’ll Need for your Cupcake Hats:

  • Two boxes of Betty Crocker cake mix (we chose chocolate and vanilla, but I bet strawberry and vanilla would have been fun too!)
  • Aluminum Foil – Lots of it
  • Snow Cone Cups
  • Muffin tin
  • Two containers of Frosting
  • Candies to embellish

To make our cupcakes we created snakes with aluminum foil and rolled the foil around our muffin tin holes.  Inside these “nests” we put our snow cone liners.  These helped keep the batter upright inside the cones.

Make your cake mix according to the instructions and then spoon the batter into the cups.  We alternated colors for a swirl effect.   Be sure to leave an inch or so of space so that the cupcake batter doesn’t overflow the cones as it bakes.   My daughter wanted “zebra” cake – yumm!
birthday cupcake hats easy to make easy to decorate and your kids will love them
Bake the cupcakes as directed on the box.  After the cupcakes have cooled, carefully unravel the cup liners.  If your hat is wobbly with the domed cake on the bottom, cut it flat so the hat stands up straight.

This was my daughter’s favorite part – decorating the cake!  We love decorating the cakes together.  It is a fun activity for the girls to do together as part of the party!

Princess Activities Packet

Fill a ziplock bag with your icing.  If you are doing this as an activity in the party, be sure to have a bag of icing for each child.  Cut the tip off one of the corners and help your kids gently squeeze the icing over their hats.

Then the attending princesses  can decorate their hats with candy as embellishments.
such a cute idea make cupcakes for a girls princess birthday using snow cone cups

I think she looks like a happy princess!!

birthday party with a princess theme for girls

Betty Crocker makes it easy, they have a party planner, to-do list, to help you get prepared for the event.  They have printable cut outs if you are making a sheet cake.  Love the idea of using the cutouts to do sandwiches too!!  There are invitations to print, even little thank you notes you can include with your favor bags.  They thought of everything.

Thanks Betty Crocker for the tasty, tasty cake, helping moms make parties into memories, and sponsoring Kids Activities Blog!

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