When Should Kids Go to the Dentist & Orthodontist?

When the kids were younger, it was really clear when they needed to go to the doctor!  You had a schedule of what checkups were at what months and years along with immunizations that they had to have.

Childcare and school requirement for this information made even a procrastinator like me abide by what was needed!

First Dentist Visit - Kids Activities Blog

But dentists?  Orthodontists?  These things are a little more flexible.  When things are flexible sometimes they get pushed back.

Yes, I am talking about myself here!

One of the things I have loved about being on the Mom Advisory Board for Invisalign  {as part of the MAB I received complementary treatment} is that I have been able to get more behind-the-scenes information and training from really smart dentists and orthodontists.  They were awesome at explaining things and answering all our “mom” questions.

Kids First Dentist Appointment

Did you know that the American Academy of Pediatric Dentists recommends taking a baby to the dentist before his first birthday?  I will have to admit that my kids were several years late in that, but the first visit {or first few visits} are often to screen for problems and get kids used to going to the dentist.  I was surprised at how well my kids did – they are not exactly built for enjoying new situations!

First Orthodontist Visit - Kids Activities Blog

Kids First Orthodontist Appointment

I always thought you would wait until kids have lost all their baby teeth.  I thought this until MY kid actually went through a full course of braces before losing all his baby teeth.  Your dentist can help guide you, but seeking early orthodontic intervention can help plan for the future.

Most kids won’t need to see an orthodontist until age 8 or 9 for a first visit, but others may have earlier intervention due to mouth issues.

Back-to-school season is a great reminder to make that first orthodontist visit.  Or if it has been a year or two since you checked in, now is a great time to call.

Our first orthodontic appointment was a good education for me as to what to expect and what could be done at different stages.  We opted to wait a year to start treatment which was a good choice for us.  The orthodontist was able to give us information that made that decision easier.

Finding a Great Dentist/Orthodontist Near You

The Invisalign website has an amazing doctor finder.  You can certainly use it to find a great Invisalign provider, but that is not all they do!  You can find the perfect fit for your child.

First Dentist and Orthodontist Appointments

My Kid Needs Braces

When my son got braces, I had no idea that Invisalign was even an option.  I also had a pre-conceived notion that it was out of our price range.

What I have learned since then is that many people who think that they are not a candidate actually are…including teens.  You can take the smile assessment and then visit a doctor with a lot of Invisalign experience to figure out what would be best for your child {or you…I am the one with Invisalign in my family!}.  There is a lot of great information about Invisalign and teens on their website.

The second part of all this is that Invisalign is not nearly as expensive as I thought.  In fact, in many markets it is very comparable to the cost of traditional braces.


Thanks so much to Invisalign for supporting Kids Activities Blog.  All opinions expressed are my own.  Be sure to check with your provider to figure out what is best for your child.


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