I am feeling a bit melancholy tonight. It is one of those moods that seems unmoved by internal cheer leading. heroQuite honestly, I just feel like going to bed. With a little effort, I could probably talk myself into a long soak in the tub. Or sitting in a quiet room with a book. Or watching something frivolous on TV. But there is no rest for the weary at my house. There are people. You know these people. They are needy… Mom, I am hungry. Mom, I can’t find my shoes. MOM! There is a spider in my room! I get up. I walk through the motions of food making, shoe seeking and spider hunting. I long for a nap, but the needs continue… Mom, how do you spell “purple”? Mom, we are out of toothpaste. MOM! Make my brother stop hitting me! I get up. I walk through the motions of purple-spelling, toothpaste locating, and kid refereeing. I long for the bath, but the needs continue… Mom, look at what I just drew. Mom, why can’t I have a soda? MOM! I need to take an apple to school tomorrow! I get up. I walk through the motions of artwork inspection, soda denying, and apple-out-of-thin-air creation. It occurs to me that mom have hero moments when they are least likely to feel like heroes. Those moments happen when no matter how we feel, we take care of those in need. To those needy people who depend on us, those moments are when they need a hero. Do you know a heroic mom or see one when you look in the mirror? Share your story {no matter how big or small} and be entered for a chance to win $2,500 cash from Allstate. Four runner-ups will receive a $100 Visa Gift Card. *The five finalists will be chosen from the Entries receiving the most votes. One of the most important things any mom can do is purchase life insurance. Allstate has been helping to protect families ™ futures with a range of life insurance products for over 50 years. To get a quote visit allstate.com/life. Disclosure: This is post is Sponsored by Allstate. The opinions expressed here are strictly my own. Official Contest Rules

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