Going On A Worm Hunt

Chase is definitely ALL boy.

He loves anything dirty and slimy.

He loves finding small snakes in our yard. Yes, snakes. No they aren’t bad ones.

Chase wanted to find snakes…so he enlisted his daddy for help.

worm hunt

Nope, no snakes to be found.

We have had so much rain lately that our yard is just mush. So Jason decided they would dig for worms in the flower beds (that have no flowers because I have three dogs and four boys).

worm hunt 2

EUREKA!! Found one.

worm hunt 3

Chase was very ready to show it to me.

He had to make sure I got a picture of it.

worm hunt 4

Chase then put it on the dog house examination table for closer study.

worm hunt 5

“Look, Mom! When I roll it, it wiggles.”

worm hunt 6

Uh oh!

Rolled it too hard.

worm hunt 7

That’s OK. Brodie to the rescue. He will find Chase another one. Evan supervised.

worm hunt 8

“I fink dis one is dead too.”

worm hunt 9

“AUSTIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! Can you find me another one?”

worm hunt 10

Chase decided to treat this one a little more gently. He carried it like a baby.

worm hunt 11

And then gave it a ride on his motorcycle.

Worms like that, right?

worm hunt 12

Worm-y, as he is now called, seems to be enjoying the ride. Maybe a little breeze through his hair. Wait, do worms have hair?

worm hunt 13

“MOM, that’s enough pictures.”

Have fun Worm-y!

worm hunt 14 bw


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