Hunger in DFW

Dallas girls eating lunch

I met these beautiful girls on Thursday.

I couldn't hear what they said to each other, but it made them both giggle.   It was an infectious laughter that had their whole table looking over and smiling.

Dallas boys opening sack lunches

Their sack lunches included tuna, crackers, celery sticks, cheese stick, an orange and a carton of chocolate milk.

The lunchroom smelled of peeled oranges.

Dallas girl eating lunch

These kids had sack lunches because of a series of volunteers, donations and people like you making sure that on Thursday these kids would have something nutritious to eat.

These children are students of Voice of Hope, a feeding site for Feeding America, through the North Texas Food Bank.

These children are right here in Dallas and like nearly 282,680 other children who face food insecurity in the 13 counties served by North Texas Food Bank.

Right now YOU can help feed a child.

Simply download The Hunger Avengers Activity Booklet.

It is hosted at ConAgra Food's Facebook page and for each download {or share}, ConAgra Foods Foundation will donate the monetary equivalent of one meal to Feeding America.

Hunger Avengers Booklet FREEIt is a free kids activity booklet that you can do this afternoon with your child(ren).

ConAgra Foods Foundation is working right here in DFW.   They recently granted The North Texas Food Bank with $20,000 with the help of Feeding America to further expand the summer feeding program.   This will give 4,000 kids in our hometown backpack meals to take home for the weekend.   These backpacks are filled with almost 3 meals-worth of food including breakfast which can help a child make it through the weekend which is a long time to be hungry.

I am working with ConAgra Foods to get the word out about the Hunger-Free Summer Program.   I had the amazing experience of visiting Voice of Hope and the North Texas Food Bank {thanks to ConAgra Foods} to see how child hunger affects us here in Dallas.   You can watch Twitter for more information about #hungerfree summer.   Please go download the Activity Booklet now!