The Perfect Toddler Diaper-Bag

Congratulations to Lisa from the Nut House (love your blog!)   You are our winner!   I will contact you via email and will send your contact info on to Kelley.   Thanks to all for participating!


You know how much I love mom-made products. Moms just really know what what other moms need. Kelley is no exception. Do you constantly loose pacifiers? How about shopping cart covers? I know I detest carrying a cumbersome cover, when the handle is the place their hands and mouths most likely are! Kelley gets these things. She has an adorable Etsy shop, Ellye-K Designs, with numerous mom-friendly products. Today she has graciously offered a bag to one of you.




What may you win:

One roomy handsewn bag in Green and Brown Hues.   It is the perfect size for a sippy cup, a diaper and a snack!   Great for going out and about.   The bag also comes with an interior compartment for keys or whatever.   This bag is lined making it super durable!

How you can win this bag:

  • Visit Ellye-K Designs on Etsy and come back and tell us your tip on keeping kids entertained when out doing errands.
  • Fan Ellye-K or Quirky Momma on facebook
  • Tell someone about this giveaway (be sure to leave a link)

Contest ends Thursday night, March 4th.   The winner will be chosen randomly.


  1. -fan of QM & Ellye-K on FB
    – Our favorite thing when we’re out & about are those small books from the dollar store. They really keep P entertained, and if we happen to lose one it’s not to upsetting!

  2. Does this contest end NEXT Thursday night, or did it end last night? Im confused…
    .-= Hilary´s last blog ..Car Seat Safety =-.

  3. Updated it with the date! Thanks for helping me clarify

  4. My tip for keeping the little ones entertained is to bring along a toy or two that they haven’t seen in a long time – this will usually keep them much busier than if you bring a toy they see on a regular basis. (…and if you’re lucky, they think it’s a new toy and you’re now the ‘bestest mom/dad in the world)

  5. Cute, cute bag! My “baby” is 4, but I’d carry that bag!

    I carry these little coloring books for the boys that have crayons on one side. I don’t get them out often, so when I do, they are thrilled. Lately, we’ve had lots of doctor appts, so I loaded up my iPod with videos and games for them to play. That is a rare treat, so it kept them occupied!
    .-= Candi´s last blog ..Christmas in March?? =-.

  6. Snacks Snacks Snacks!!

  7. Our DVD player in our van is a HUGE help in keeping our kids entertained while running errands.

    Is this giveaway open to canadians?

  8. My advice?

    Snacks! Lot’s and lot’s of snacks!!

  9. What an adorable bag!

    My 2yo loves to “read” books in the car. And we always hit the bakery first at the grocery store. That free cookie keeps him occupied for at least a few aisles!

  10. My best tip from our children was to keep a bag of small toys, books, crayons etc, in the car just for the car. We kept a couple cds of kids’ songs in the car for them that they really enjoyed and to keep small containers of snacks that are easy for them to eat (without risk of choking).

    I DO love that bag, and, although my kids are older I know of several expecting mommy friends who I would love to give that to as a gift – if I decide to not use it myself for something. {GRIN}
    .-= My Heart´s last blog ..I found out Bug’s calling…Advertising =-.

  11. How cute!

    My tip for kid entertainment while out and about usually involves a snack – our fav right now is Pepperidge Farm S’Mores Goldfish.

  12. Very cute bag! I’d love to win this.

    No new tips here…we do snacks, books, monster trucks or aqua doodle/etch-a-sketch to keep our 4 yr old occupied.

  13. Cute etsy store! I love the toddler dress.

    I usually have a snack or I’m bad and let them get popcorn chicken at walmart before we walk around. THat way they are busy eating and not asking for stuff cause they think they are hungry.

  14. This bag is SA-WEET! So pretty!
    Bubble gum keeps ’em occupied for a while 🙂 My kids are 3 and 2 and love chewing gum.

  15. Love the bag! We always have one of those doodle toys along with us to keep the little guy occupied.
    .-= Liz´s last blog ..A Little Bit Of Sadness =-.

  16. oooh my, i could scream. so for months i have wanted this size purse. i found one at cracker barrel and got it but the colors are too bright pink. i have told everyone how much i want one with better colors. oooh man, what can i do to win this one
    .-= pam´s last blog ..Tempt m,y tummy Tuesday =-.

  17. this is my second comment, do you need to delete one. i keep my kids busy on the road by learning scripture on there awana CD or by watching a history DVD. if we are in a store than i give them a job.
    i am a fan of both places on facebook
    .-= pam´s last blog ..Tempt m,y tummy Tuesday =-.

  18. We like to make up silly songs while we are driving in the car. And suckers for the grocery store are always nice. Keeps them occupied. 🙂 When we go out to eat we always have a bag of stuff to play with. Those little tiny party favor playdos are nice because they use them once, they get dirty and you can toss them.
    Btw…that bag is soooooo cute.

  19. I checked out her etsy store. Very cute and I love the paci clips! The bag is really cute too!

    My best tip for keeping the kids happy while running errands…..drop them off at my friend’s house to play and go alone! Okay, I’ll give a real tip. Get a toy and a book from deep down in a bin that hasn’t been played with in a long time. Let them have that for the car. Go on errand just before lunch time. Pack a lunch and they can eat it in the stroller at whatever your longest stop is. This will ensure you can make good time on the place that is going to take you the longest.
    .-= Kristi´s last blog ..A change of plans…. =-.

  20. well, my baby just turned 8…but I remember having some snacks, non messy things like fruit snacks, and small toys they don’t get to play with except when we are out, also board books, we had some great ones, again they only saw them when we were out. As they got bigger, I started carrying some pipe cleaners with me, those were fun..and then paper and washable markers so they could draw.

    love the bag! Don’t have a toddler, but I would give it to my sister!

  21. This bag is so super cute love it! I have often visited her shop on Etsy…just never bought…IDK why though…I love it!

    We take snacks, but I don’t take that many.

    I have boys…so we take MatchBox cars…they work everywhere!

  22. We love Wikki-Sticks- they are clean, reusable and always entertaining.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful bag and helping support a working mommy!

  23. Often times my girls will bring a toy along in the car or we’ll have a book or two to read. We also listen to kid CDs some which can help when things get really cranky. When we’re in Target I’ll let the girls play with something while we walk around then we put it back before leaving. I guess I’m really not all that creative when it comes to entertaining.

    I do love this bag as well as her other items.

  24. I have my older one help with the groceries when we are at the store, for instance while I’m grabbing cucumbers I’ll say we need a bunch of bananas and a head of lettuce. That keeps him occupied and not ask, Can I have this? Can we get that?? LOL

  25. GF snacks, snacks and more snacks

    I Love the ‘green’ purse my favorite color.
    .-= April´s last blog ..Teleconference =-.

  26. My daughter can generally be appeased with a snack. But, now that I have a new cell phone, I let her mess around with the old one. She loves that she’s playing with the ‘real’ thing!

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