Raising World Citizens: 10 Tips & Kids Activities

Raising world citizens is something to consider when choosing activities for kids.  Kids need a knowledge of the world around them.  When parents include these learning experiences in everyday life, it becomes organic!

raising world citizens

Kids Activities Blog is excited to be featuring some Tips and Activities For Kids today surrounding the subject of Raising World Citizens from Leanna at All Done Monkey which was our pick for best blog this week!

Raising World Citizens

What is a Global Citizen?  – I love this discussion about WHAT is a world citizen and how you can make that a real goal in your life at home.

Finding Books in Spanish for Your Toddler  – Exposing kids to a variety of books in different languages is one easy way to keep the conversation open cultures and learning about the world.

You know you are a Parent When…  – This is a fun round up of answers from other moms about parenting and raising world citizens!

Birth of Baha’u’llah Craft  – Incorporating crafts from various cultures is another way to keep world knowledge at the forefront of family activities.

Involving Young Children in Service  – Kids Activities Blog is a HUGE supporter of getting kids involved in the world around them and here are some great ideas on how to do that.

The Parrot Tico Tango Activity  – Another cute book based activity that will get kids thinking, learning and playing.

world citizen

Natural Parenting

Leanna also has a passion for natural parenting.  I love how accessible she makes these ideas through her writing.  Here are a few tips/tricks she shares on that subject.

Setting up a Nursing Spot  – Make a spot in your house that is a celebration of this sweet bonding event.

Basics of Cloth Diapering  – Don’t be scared!  All Done Monkey will walk you through the basics of cloth diapering.

Baking With Kids  – Like we talked about above in the Raising World Citizens conversation, getting kids involved in a family’s daily activities is great learning with a silver lining of bonding.

10 Tips for Painting with Toddlers  – This was a guest post on Love, Play & Learn that takes the fright out of messy crafts with kids!

Thanks so much Leanna for letting us feature some of your amazing conversations about Raising World Citizens!

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  1. What a great collection! Looking forward to learning more and doing the activities with my children. Thank you and Aloha!

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