Adorable Owl Cupcakes Celebrate November Holidays

Baking up these yummy owl cupcakes is just one way to celebrate the November holidays is by cooking with kids.   This is a fun family activity and can be modified for just about any occasion or celebration.   Today we are baking up some adorable owl cupcakes, but think about this November recipe for any gathering.

Have you had the opportunity to include your kids in your cooking routine?

If you haven’t I highly recommend it.

Our boys love it every time we do it. Sometimes even our 2 year old gets to participate in very basic tasks. Yes, it will get messy and yes it will take longer but it’s such a great family activity to enjoy together.  I also have found that children are more likely to eat something they normally wouldn’t if they have helped make it. If it’s your first time start with an easy recipe. We have done this since they were 2 years old so a few weeks ago we made pasta!

Here we are making ravioli with the boys. We had so much fun! As you can see, it’s quite the mess.

We decided to make Owl cupcakes to kick off our Fall! My husband thought it was interesting that we were making Owl cupcakes for Fall. Men, they just don’t get it, he, he, he.

I tried to explain to him but it still wasn’t making sense.  Either way he enjoyed some chocolate goodness in shape of an owl.

Before you start the recipe think about the things you want your child to help you with and the steps that you don’t feel like they are ready for. That way when they ask you can say, “why don’t we have you mix instead.”

Owl Cupcakes

You will need:

  • cake box mix or favorite recipe
  • chocolate frosting
  • m&m’s for eyes and nose
  • Oreo’s for the eyes and pointy ears.

1. Follow the directions on your cake box mix. Let the kids break the eggs, that might take some practice. Mixing is easy.

2. Once cupcakes are cooled, start frosting them.

3.  Place opened Oreo on each cupcake. Then frost the end of an m&m and place it in the center of the oreo.

4. Break an Oreo into a small triangle shape and insert it at the top of the cupcake towards the middle to create the ears.

5. Place an orange m&m in the center to make the nose.

November Holidays

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  1. These cupcakes turned out so cute! We made some owls and I posted it on my blog, but we used brownies instead of cupcakes. They still tasted awesome.

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