If you or someone you know owns a Boppy, this is important to know!!


The Boppy Company Has Recalled Over 3 Million Newborn Cushions After 8 Reported Infant Deaths.


According to the recall, the recalled products pose a suffocation risk for babies, and they were sold at retailers like Target, Walmart, and Pottery Barn Kids.

This recall affects the Boppy baby loungers which people believe are typically marketed for sleeping babies but is not the intended use of them.


In fact, in the recall, Boppy states that these are loungers and not intended for sleeping.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission announced a recall of 3.3 million products sold by The Boppy Company after eight reports of babies suffocating were filed from December 2015 to June 2020.

The recall affects the Boppy Original Newborn Loungers, Boppy Preferred Newborn Loungers and Pottery Barn Kids Boppy Newborn Loungers.


The Hazard:

Infants can suffocate if they roll, move, or are placed on the lounger in a position that obstructs breathing, or roll off the lounger onto an external surface, such as an adult pillow or soft bedding that obstructs breathing. 

If you or someone you know owns one of these Boppy Loungers, you can get a full refund by contacting the company.

You can contact The Boppy Company toll-free at 800-416-1355 from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET Monday through Friday or online at www.boppy.com and click “Recall & Safety Alert” for more information.

What do you do with your Boppy Lounger? Well, if you do get a refund, the company will ask you to provide evidence that you cut the pillow in half making it unusable. However, I saw a post going around with an idea to donate to a local animal shelter so they can use the loungers as animal beds and I thought it was a fantastic idea.


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