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Heather spends time homeschooling, raising 3 great kids, & traveling with her family. She loves folding laundry but hates putting it away. She shares a love of Disney World with her Hubby, she's a cruise fanatic, & bird-watching hobbyist. You can follow her on Twitter as @CrazyZeus1.

What happens to a rotting pumpkin?

Pumpkin Science What Happens to a Rotting Pumpkin

What happens when you let a pumpkin rot?  That was the question proposed by my son last year…so we decided to find out. Rotting Pumpkin: We carved our pumpkin & put it on the porch to greet visitors. After a few weeks, our pumpkin, who Reese named Jack Rotty, began to get a little mushy.  […]

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Holiday Tradition Recipes: Christmas Breakfast Recipe & Dinner Ideas

potatoe breakfast casserole recipe

We’re all suckers for holiday traditions…lots of mine happen to revolve around food.  Every year, we have the same special (easy!) Christmas Breakfast, and last year we started a new dinner tradition. What do I like best about these two dishes (other than the fact that they taste good)?  You can prepare them the day […]

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{The BEST} Gingerbread House Glue

Best Gingerbread House Glue

A gingerbread house is only as good as it’s glue! We’ve all been there…graham crackers ready, icing ready, kids ready.  They start to assemble their creative  masterpieces, and then…. Disaster….a collapse of epic proportions. All that hard work down the drain! We can all speak from experience…this is melt-down central. The best way to avoid Gingerbread-Sadness […]

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Halloween Math Games

Halloween Math Games for Kids

I’ll go for just about any excuse to ditch the regular Math plans and have fun with something like Halloween Math Games!  Here are a few Halloween math activities we’ve played. We love featuring ideas like this on Kids Activities Blog because it makes learning fun! Halloween Math Games Hershey Kiss Memory Those white garage […]

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July Fourth Traditions

Fourth of July Traditions

We celebrate the fourth on the third, its the second year for this fun family tradition! I’d love to hear about your family’s July 4th or American Independence Day celebrations! We just finished enjoying these on our back porch! Here are several of the other things we do to make this weekend special: Want more […]

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Sneaky Valentines Day Code {Activities for Kids}

Valentines Day Code - Valentines Day Activities for Kids

This Valentines Day code is a secret spy code for kids.  Add it to your Valentines Day activities for kids for some sneaky fun.  You know us here at Kids Activities Blog, we are all about silly Valentines Day fun! Valentines Day Code Are you looking for a fun way to tell your kids you […]

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Halloween Recipes: Scream Cheese Brownies and Oreo Cookie Pops

cream cheese brownies

Do you have some Halloween recipes that are a real treat for your kiddos?  Themed Halloween food is a unique way to get creative and extend the Halloween fun into the kitchen. We at Kids Activities Blog love Halloween…and we love food…so we couldn’t pass up sharing these wonderful ideas for Halloween desserts with you. […]

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Cool Math Games for Kids: Online & Free!!

a collection of cool math games for kids

My kids are “cool” and I love math.  It is fun to shake things up a bit and play some online cool math games!  Even better, all of these sites offer free access so you’re not committed to buying something your child may only play a few times. We use online math games as review […]

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Times Tales DVD: Learn multiplication tables quickly & easily!


Ah, times tables.  I remember as a kid sitting at the kitchen table with my mom going over and over my multiplication flash cards because I just could not remember the upper facts! I was searching for some way to help the upper times tables stick for my son.  We worked diligently with flash cards, […]

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Make Your Own Math Game: Division & Remainders


Making math fun is one of my goals because (to be honest) math makes my brain flinch! I have searched all year to find ways to make practicing facts more entertaining & this great game fit the bill. Remainder Raccoon is one of my son’s favorite games to play! This simple little game came from […]

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Measurement: Gallon Guy


Do you how many cups are in a quart?  How many pints in a gallon?  Don’t feel bad if you don’t…I don’t either off hand!  We came to the topic of volume measurement in our math studies, and even though I had all the necessary visuals on the table (our gallon milk jug, a measuring […]

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LEGO & Education: Create your own book


Legos, we are a lego obsessed family right now, might as well use that “love” to our benefit.  We have begun incorporating legos into our education.  In addition to the Lego lapbook we made last week, I wanted to incorporate creative writing & so I challenged my son to come up with a story about […]

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LEGO & Education: Make a Lapbook

lego lapbook

We recently had fun learning with this LEGO Unit Study & Lapbook, and my son declared that this was his favorite week of school we have ever done.  A lapbook is made to be looked at over and over, & your child adds little snippets of information they learn throughout a unit of study.  It […]

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Make Food Shopping Educational!


Going grocery shopping with your children ranks right up there with “Things I Would Rather NOT Do”. Ever.   I bet if you asked your kids, they would say the same thing!  It’s a shame, though, to take away this great learning activity just because it is boring for your little ones.  With just a little […]

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Primary Colors Wheel: Let’s Make A Color Pie!


Mixing colors is one of those basic art concepts that children of all ages love.  There is great satisfaction in taking two globs of paint and creating your very own, unique shade of a new color! A Color Pie is a fun way to demonstrate mixing primary colors together.  Begin with a paper plate split […]

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Mixing Solutions and Making Potions: Fun Science in the Kitchen


Kitchen science is one of my favorite things…playing with the same old materials in new ways brings up lots of great questions!  This little activity is a great way to do a child-led science experiment.  Making their own choices gives kids power! Talk with your children about our magic science words for the activity:  mixture and […]

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Magnets: The Magic Dollar

Magnetic Dollar Set

Do you think dollar bills are magnetic?  Here’s a quick little experiment to do while studying magnets or money! You’ll need a dollar bill and a magnet. Fold a dollar bill in half and set it on the table like in the picture above.  We ended up taping the bill to the table because it […]

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Long Division Made Easy


Introducing long division made my brain hurt.  It made my son’s brain hurt.  Oh, long division, you were not our friend.  I heard repeatedly, “I just don’t understand what I’m doing!” That’s a sure sign to put on the breaks and slow down.  I went back through my Teacher’s Guide for our math curriculum & […]

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Mummification: Let’s Mummify Barbie!


I think the number one reason why Ancient Egypt is so popular with kids are the mummies. There are seemingly a million books on this topic, but my favorites (so far) have been – Mummies Made in Egypt and You Wouldn’t Want to Be an Egyptian Mummy. I had my daughter Izzy use the information that […]

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Chemistry Fun: Copper-plate a nail


What cool thing can you do with some old pennies & a nail? Chemistry doesn’t have to be intimidating or limited to older kids.  There are lots of fun experiments for the whole family to participate in! Today, you’ll see what happens when you put an iron nail in a penny-laden cup of lemon juice. Materials: […]

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Math Fun With Skittles


What makes math more fun?  CANDY!  Our Skittles Math activities incorporate counting, sorting, graphing, adding, comparing, estimating, and computer skills.  Whew!  Lots of skills snuck into an interesting activity. Each child will need a bag of Skittles candy.  Ours was a very large bag, and yours certainly doesn’t need to be this big! Ideas to […]

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Celebrating The Ancient Greek With A Feast!

In History we have been learning all about Ancient Greek culture so this week we had a Greek Food Festival!  Reese was beyond excited to wear a toga (thank you Hubby for knowing how to put a toga on Reese….Mommy failed miserably at that task and had Reese in tears!) I made the laurel leaf […]

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Make Your Own Math Games: Egg-O!

Egg-O Game

Hands-on math games are a great way to add variety to your child’s education…not to mention a fun way to practice math facts!   Egg-O is a quick game you can use to practice addition, subtraction, or multiplication facts. To Make The Game: Using an old egg carton, write a number on the bottom of each […]

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Feeding Winter Birds


All year long, but especially during the winter, my son and I love to watch birds at our feeders.  Over the years, we have learned to identify dozens of birds, & we’ve experimented with different types of feeders & food options to see which combination attracted the most birds. Bird watching during the winter is […]

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Star Wars Cake Ideas


My son requested a Star Wars themed birthday party & of course, a coordinating cake was needed! I wanted to make the cake myself, but I am no cake decorating master so it was hard to find a design that wasn’t beyond my skill level.  If you Google “Star Wars Cake” you will come up […]

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Pilgrim Craft: Dye A Shirt With Onion Skins


In our Pilgrim Unit study, we have learned just how self sufficient they had to be!  In this activity, we talked about dying cloth.  If the early colonists wanted something “colored”, they couldn’t run to WalMart & find a rainbow of tshirt colors.  They had to dye it themselves! A variety of natural items were […]

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Thanksgiving Crafts: Turkey Handprint Apron


These adorable Turkey Handprint Aprons make wonderful gifts for your Thanksgiving guests & are a fun craft to do as you wait for the big day to arrive. I purchased plain white aprons in the restauraunt supply section of my local Sam’s Club.  If you don’t have a membership to a warehouse store, check online for Restauraunt Supply […]

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Thanksgiving Crafts: Candle Dipping


    Add an extra special touch to your holiday table this year…dip your own candles!  This is a fun project to do with kids, and they will take great pride in contributing to the holiday table.   You could purchase new wax at the craft store, but for this project I dug through my cabinets […]

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Leftover Halloween Candy Recipe: Snickers Blondies…Yum!


  Is that bowl of Halloween candy staring at you today?  Did your kids bring home more candy than they could possibly eat?  Get creative & try this recipe…you’ll use up some of those tasty Snickers candy bars!  Bringing kids into the kitchen creates the perfect time to bond & learn together.  Younger children can […]

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Make Candy Corn Sugar Cookies For Halloween

candy corn sugar cookies

I love making cut-out sugar cookies with my kids during the holidays, but let’s be honest…it makes a huge mess and takes a long time!  If you’re looking for a quick way to make Halloween cookies with your kids, check out these adorable Candy Corn Sugar Cookies! No cookie cutters, no rolling out the dough…so these can […]

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