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Egg Tutorial: Filled Egg {Easter Treats}

candy filled eggs

You’ll love this egg tutorial for making a super cute filled egg for Easter.  Easter treats like these will definitely be a favorite for your kids over the regular candy filled plastic Easter eggs.  Kids Activities Blog loves this simple project that puts a new spin on Easter eggs. Egg Tutorial What’s more fun than […]

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Preschool Math: Learning With Dominoes

Preschool Math - Learning with Dominos

Preschool math activities are exploring the world paying attention to numbers. Kids Activities Blog is completely head-over-heels when these things can be done with stuff you already have at home. We just feel like life is too short to have to make another trip to the store. Digging around in a forgotten cupboard drawer, I […]

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DIY For Kids {Make a Bouncy Ball}

how to make a bouncy ball - Kids Activities Blog

Household ingredients can be used to make inexpensive DIY for kids projects.  Did you know that your kids can even use household ingredients to make a bouncy ball?  This is pretty cool! DIY for Kids Who knew you could make a homemade bouncy ball that *actually* bounces?! And that you could make it out of […]

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Super Simple Addition Activities – Math for Kids

math for kids polka dots

Math for kids doesn’t have to be worksheets and drills! Check out this fun way to explore simple addition activities. Math for Kids My preschooler knows hers numbers and can count up to a bazillion, but it’s mostly memorization at this point. To reinforce the concept that each number has a value – not just […]

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Crayon Resist: White Crayon Secret Art {Cool!}

Crayon resist art for kids - Secret art with a white crayon

Crayon resist art has been around since us moms were kids.  It is a timeless craft for kids because all kids love this secret art project.  Kids Activities Blog is curious to hear about how your child’s creativity is expressed through the use of a white crayon. Crayon Resist Usually when my kids are making […]

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Word Family Game {Early Reading Activities}

Word Family Early Reading Activities for Kids

Understanding what a word family is can be an important pre-reading skill for preschoolers.  Here are some great early reading activities that re-use bottle caps for learning fun.  Kids Activities Blog hopes you enjoy this fun activity with your child. Word Family Game Bottle caps are great for so many kids’ crafts and activities, but […]

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Saturday Story Time


If you’d like to find something special to do with family time on a Saturday, then look no further.  Story time with kids is a memorable time of bonding and learning for little ones and for you.  We at Kids Activities Blog would like to encourage you to try to read to your child at least […]

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Christmas Craft for Kids that Doubles as a Homemade Gift!

Christmas Craft for kids

This Christmas craft for kids doubles as a homemade gift.  Isn’t that just the BEST?  You know you have gifts that need to be created and kids that need to be entertained so combining the two is magical.  Kids Activities Blog just LOVES when a plan comes together. Christmas Craft for Kids I dread the […]

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{Cute} Thanksgiving Craft for Toddlers

Thanksgiving Centerpiece Craft for Toddlers

One of my favorite things about Thanksgiving is being able to get the whole family involved in creating a new tradition or celebrating a ritual that has been around for generations.  Everyone pitching in to create a warm, cozy atmosphere and enjoying being together as a family is what makes this holiday so special in […]

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{Celebrate Together} Thanksgiving Word Hunt

Thanksgiving Vocabulary Building Activity

Holidays, like Thanksgiving, are all about family and getting together to play games. Here’s a great vocabulary building game to occupy your child while you prepare Thanksgiving dinner.  You could also get together as a family to go on this Word Hunt as a team! Thanksgiving Word Hunt I love a good word hunt, don’t […]

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Printable Color Activities and Sorting Activity {with Fall Colors}

Free Printable for Learning Fall Colors

We are excited to share printable color activities with our readers.    This one makes a great sorting activity for kids learning about colors.  We at Kids Activities Blog hope that you make some time to get outside with your little one and enjoy the beautiful fall colors for yourselves. Printable Color Activities Here’s how we […]

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{Halloween Activity} Halloween Games with Leftover Candy

halloween activity

Here’s a Halloween activity that your child will love because it uses leftover candy.  Halloween games are fun by themselves but candy makes everything a little bit sweeter.  Kids Activities Blog loves simple Halloween activities like this. Halloween Activity You’re probably not looking forward to all the Halloween candy your little goblin will be gobbling […]

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Color Mixing a Witches Brew {Halloween Activity}


This color mixing activity is great fun for preschoolers and toddlers because it involves a lot of messy, water play!  But it also makes for a fun Halloween activity as your kids stir up their own witches brew.  We are always looking for Halloween fun at Kids Activities Blog! Color Mixing Double, double, toil, and […]

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2 Preschool Art Activities as Sweet as Strawberries

Simple Preschool Art and Math Activity using Strawberry Baskets

Preschool art activities can be inspired from anything!  Kids Activities Blog loves these two simple preschool art activities created with something that was left over from summer.  Isn’t it grand to find something to do with things that you already have at home?  Check out how strawberry baskets end up teaching both art and math… […]

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Art for Kids: Food Coloring Tie Dye

art-for kids tie dye paper towels feature

On Father’s Day Weekend, my preschooler and I were busy filling up ice cube trays with food coloring and water and made a few spills.  After mopping up our mess with some paper towels, we realized that we accidentally had come upon a beautiful Paper Towel Tie Dye art activity. Materials paper towels water food […]

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Art For Kids: Sponge Painting


  Painting never seems to get old for my kids, but sometimes it’s nice to break out of our routine and try alternative painting techniques and materials. Sponge Painting fits the bill nicely.  What I love about making Sponge Prints is that it’s cheap – all you need to do is use a spare kitchen […]

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