Crayon Painting with Preschoolers

My preschoolers love to color with crayons and love to paint – why not do both? This post was adapted from the post on resist crayon paintings on The Activity Mom several months ago. It has been mulling around in the back of my brain as a craft activity waiting for the perfect moment. This craft is really quite simple, even my 18 month old joined in on the fun. First you color your paper with crayons, then you paint over the crayoned drawing. We used our shaving cream paint recipe – love that it isn’t spill-able, perfect for training a toddler to paint. The results are stunning!



preschool art project For my youngest, while she does color with crayons, today she was more interested in banging them so I helped her color in her page. She’d hand me a new color every few seconds and I’d tell her the name of the color, have her repeat it back to me and then scribble like mad till she picked out the next crayon. She loved it and thought I was “so silly.”  It is the highest compliment my toddler gives someone. After we colored them we got on our art shirts and mixed up our shaving cream paint. As I am trying to encourage my youngest to not finger paint, there is a time for finger painting but also a time for more orderly – aka clean – fun, we got some old makeup sponges out and used those to help spread our paint.


preschool art project

I love how the paint makes the crayon jump out at you! The finished product of our painted crayon works of art are beautiful!  preschool art project preschool art project

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