Link Policy

BIG hug to the internet!

We adore being in the middle of amazing people and want to feature their work on a regular basis here at Kids Activities Blog.

How to Link to Us

First, thank you so much for linking to us.  We would have never grown the site without generous people like you helping us along the way.

You may use one photo from our post in promoting that post.  We prefer that you add that photo to a collage or use it in a smaller size appropriately credited to us so it doesn’t get pinned and shared with you as the original source.  You don’t need to ask me for to use the photo, this is my consent.  If you are unsure whether you can use a photo in a certain way, please email me for clarification – texholly at

Please link back directly to the post you are featuring and not our main site which will allow your readers the headache of searching through our 5,000+ posts!

If you want to mention the name of the author or our blog, that is a bonus.

Please never take more than 2 sentences from the post or more than one photo.

How We Link to You

Oh how we love to do this!

We get the best ideas from you in our weekly link-up – It’s Playtime – every Wednesday afternoon.  We also trip across your stuff on Pinterest, G+, FB and Twitter.

When you add your link to It’s Playtime, you are giving us permission to use one photo in a collage with a link back to your original post.

If we found you a different way than through It’s Playtime or the Kids Blogger Network approved share list, then we will email you before we add your photo to a collage and promote your post with your photo.

We do not ask permission to simply link to you.  If you are unhappy with being included in a feature with a link to your site, please let me know and I will remove it ASAP.

Some of our posts will simply have a description of your article.  Some posts will also mention your blog name next to the link.  Some posts may also include your first name as it appears on your blog.  Our future posts are going to be more diligent about including the blog name with the description, but not all articles lend itself to this being natural.

If you are uncomfortable with being linked to in this way, please email me:  texholly at and I will put you on a list that we check before each publication.  We love you and want you to feel that!

It is our intention to celebrate your amazing work and send you traffic.