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Kids Activities Blog is a team effort!

We feel so blessed to be part of an awesome collaboration where we can play together daily on our dream “job”.

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 Rachel Miller, Holly Homer & Jamie Harrington

Holly Homer – Mom Blogger & Entrepreneur

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Holly Homer has been a blogger since 2007.  It started as a substitution for her expensive scrapbooking habit and turned into a full time job that she adores.  Her early blog posts from June Cleaver Nirvana live here in the archives at Kids Activities Blog {some old favorites are beaver trapping, low-flow toilets, buying an eBay replacement teddy, and a little boy who calls her mommy}.

She is the married, partially-homeschooling, work-from-home mom of three very active boys and a dog.  She realized early on that wearing them out before bedtime was a self-preservation strategy.

Holly is a bit social media-obsessed.  She loves teaching what she has learned both at the Business 2 Blogger blog and her YouTube channel.  She speaks at conferences across the country on blogging and social media topics – Bloggy Bootcamp, Emerging Tech, Declare Conference 2013 & 2014, Blog Elevated 2013 & 2014, Project Mom 2013 & 2014, Women Get Social and is scheduled to speak at Social Media Marketing World 2015 as well as Focused 2015.  She has been featured on multiple radio interviews, TV appearances and pod casts.  A favorite pod cast was about Kids Activities Blog’s FB page’s rapid organic growth with Michael Stelzner.  She runs blogger campaigns through Business 2 Blogger and is available for consulting.

Her early career years as a Physical Therapist & clinic manager has helped her tackle kid-related issues like Sensory Processing Disorder as well as organizational skills to handle what has turned out to be a not-so-small business run from her living room.  When she isn’t writing, photographing, playing with her family or clearing the kitchen sink of dirty dishes, she might have snuck away to play in a poker tournament.

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Email her at:  texholly at gmail.com


Rachel Miller – Quirky Momma Founder & Content Genius

Kids Activities Blogger - Rachel

Rachel founded Quirky Momma in 2009 and saw quickly that her unique activities and helpful family resources were resonating with other parents.  Quirky Momma grew in the early days to a point where the business of the blog was taking over more time than she had bargained for.  She joined forces with Holly in 2011 and Quirky Momma became Kids Activities Blog.

Rachel has been educating children for more than 16 years, in a variety of settings.  As a mom to six of the silliest kids in the universe, she enjoys discovering moments to explore and enjoy the world with her family.

When she isn’t finger painting, collecting bugs or doing laundry, you can find her writing.

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101 Kids Activities That Are the Bestest, Funnest Ever!101 kids activities that are the bestest, funnest ever by Holly Homer and Rachel Miller

Holly & Rachel’s book, 101 Kids Activities That are the Bestest, Funnest Ever! {affiliate link} was published in June of 2014.  Their practical {and easy} ways to inspire family fun has flying off bookshelves.

They love seeing open books with sticky notes marking the next 23 projects that HAVE to be done hanging out of the pages of the book.

Never again will parents and caregivers hear the all-too-common call of “I’m bored!” with this kid-pleaser for many ages.  In fact, each activity in the book has modifications for younger & older kids so everyone can play together.

Buy the book!



Jamie Harrington – Kids Activities Blog Editor & Strategist

jamie harrington

Jamie Harrington joined the Kids Activities Blog team full-time in early 2014 as managing editor.  She is the kick-in-the-pants that Holly and Rachel need to keep things moving forward as well as both mentor and manager for our esteemed contributor group. Before writing and editing, Jamie taught kindergarten and pre-k in public schools.

She is more social media obsessed than she should be, and spends so much time staring at her phone that her tween daughter has nicknamed it “phoney.” Jamie’s days are spent crafting geeky goodies with her kid, and her nights are spent in front of her favorite video games. Which means she never sleeps. Like, ever.

She also totally knows just how hard it is to write a bio in the third person. Is this thing long enough yet?

Jamie is a long-time blogger at Totally the Bomb and known for her Twitter savvy.

You can find her all over the internet: YouTube | Instagram | Pinterest | Twitter | G+


Kids Activities Blog Contributors

We have the best contributors around.  Each one has an amazing blog and story of their own, please visit them!

Kids Activities Bloggers

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