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Jen started blogging in an attempt to maintain sanity after deciding to stay at home with the birth of their youngest. She is a Mom to two boys and stepmom to two. You can read about all of their goings on over at Plain Vanilla Mom. The blog focuses a lot on the activities she does with the babe, but there's plenty there for the older kids too. Jen's personal hobbies fall into two categories…baking & photography and you will find a bit of both on the blog as well. Plain vanilla mom is all about making every "plain vanilla" day a special one. You can find Jen on FB, as @PlainVanillaMom on Twitter and on Pinterest.

Books For Baby: Setting Up A Reading Corner

Baby Reading Nook

My little Mr.C (who just turned 9 months) is starting to get really into books. They are currently one of his favorite “toys”. With that in mind we decided to tweak the bookshelves in his room and set him up with a “reading corner” of his very own. Here’s how we did it… For shelves […]

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Pipe Cleaner Disguises

pipe cleaner disguises

Pipe cleaner disguises are pretty much the most fun ever. They’re an easy craft for everyone to do, they take no prep work on your part, and the clean up is a snap. One little goofy pipe cleaner mustache started it all! An afternoon of fun for the whole family. You never know where one’s imagination […]

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Sugar Cookie Bar 4th of July Dessert

fourth of july sugar cookie bars

Sugar cookies are a tradition in our family.You know, the ones that take hours to roll, cut out, frost and decorate. Yup, those! We make them for EVERY holiday, and they are especially cute as a 4th of July Dessert! We decided to make sugar cookies for the fourth this year, but we did this […]

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Games for Baby: Muffin Tin Fun

balls and muffin tins 5

I love making toys out of  random things we have around the house.  I also love repurposing the toys we do have, mixing up parts etc. Often some of the actual toys become much more fun when mixed with some of the non-toy items. The other day it occurred to me that those little plastic […]

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