Officers Found Missing Man Who Has Alzheimer’s, But What He Was Doing Will Bring You To Tears

Alzheimer’s has affected almost every person I’ve ever met in some way or another. For me, it was watching my grandmother slip from lucid and strong, to a place where she was confused and so very scared almost every moment of her life. That disease robs people of their memories, of their hopes, of everything that makes them an individual and those of us who are watching from the outside can only sit by idly as our loved ones lose everything that makes them…them. But every once in a while, there’s a moment of clarity that lifts the gray cloud of this disease and gives us back the person we love so dearly. For Doris, what started as a moment of panic with her beloved husband disappearing, turned into one of those bright, and memorable moments. Take a look!

The fact that Melvyn had never missed a single Mother’s Day in all their sixty years together is one of those beautiful gifts that remind us of what love truly is. That even this awful disease couldn’t take that away from him is something I’ll never forget. And I’m sure the officers who found him will be telling this story long after Melvyn is unable to tell it for himself.

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