Heartbreaking Video Of A Horse Saying Goodbye To His Owner…

Anyone who has ever owned an animal knows those animals feel things. Deep things. Especially about us. Even the most persnickety cat has ways of showing affection and reminding us that they truly do love us. So what happens when a human goes before their pet? Does the pet even realize the human isn’t coming back? In the case of this horse, it seems so. When his owner was unexpectedly killed, the family knew he’d want his horse at the funeral. But no one expected was how deeply the horse would mourn the loss. Take a look!

From laying his head on the casket to crying as it was led away, this horse mourning his owner is painful and sad to watch. But, it’s also hopeful. We all want to know we are loved, and that should anything happen to us we’d be missed. Seems those of us who have animals will be very missed…and if nothing else that shows us just how very much loved we are in life.

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