Puppy’s First Bath Is The Sweetest Thing You’ll Ever See!

Baby’s first bath is one of the most precious things in the world. When my daughter was born that first bath was something I looked forward to more than almost anything. Something about giving her an early love of water, I think. When I was a little girl, I lived near the ocean and water was such a huge part of my life. Every weekend (almost every weekend) was spent with my toes in the sand, waves lapping at my knees, sun on my face. So giving my daughter her bath was like me giving her an early introduction to the world I wanted to be such a huge part of her little life. With puppies that first bath is just as precious. Dogs who love water are so incredibly joyous and the idea that we get to be the first to give them that love – amazing. This puppy looks like he’ll be a water dog for life. Take a look!

To this day one of my daughter’s favorite things in the world is going to the lake with her dog. The two would spend hours swimming and splashing if they could, and I believe that first bath was a big part of what got them to where they are today. Such a precious, and beautiful gift.

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