Babies are the meanest, sweetest creatures on the planet. They can simultaneously make us laugh and rip out our hearts with one little action. My son was great at this. When he turned thirteen months old he decided he loved my husband more than me. Okay, maybe that wasn’t it exactly, but still, overnight he started clinging to my husband and running away from me (toddling away?) to get to him. It was hilarious, but also broke my little mommy heart. It was over in a couple of weeks, and I never did figure out why he acted like that, but it’s something I vow to hold over his head until the day I die. “When you were little, you didn’t like your mama…” This baby seems to be in for the same fate. For whatever reason she has decided it’s funny to troll her mama by refusing to say “mama”. Take a look!

Okay, so it is funny. It is. And I’m sure mom has a sense of humor about it, but man. While it’s happening I’m sure that mom is laughing on the outside and planning ways to torture her child for life with this on the inside. That is what we moms do, after all…

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