This Jeweler Refused To Buy This Woman’s Gold…

Sometimes life gets really hard. For everyone. Sometimes those hard times last longer than we ever expect and we find ourselves having to do whatever we can to survive them. When I was a little girl I know my family moved a lot. We didn’t always have the money we needed to survive in any given place, so we’d move to some place we could afford. At the time I saw it as an adventure. A chance to start over and become a whole new person. My parents never made me feel as if these moves were anything less. That was their way of protecting me from the true worries of not being able to survive as a family. We did always survive, though. And sometimes it was the kindness of strangers that pulled us through. That’s exactly what happens in this video. When this woman goes in to sell some jewelry to take care of her family, the jeweler refuses to buy…but what he does instead is incredible. Take a look!

This man didn’t have to do what he did. He didn’t have to do anything, in fact. But the fact that he did is incredible and truly noble. I hope someday to be in a position to help someone when they need it most – because that’s exactly what this man did. And I hope if he ever needs help, a whole community rallies around him to give him exactly what he deserves.

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