My nephew is in the army. A couple of years ago he was deployed for an extended period and when he came back he decided to surprise his young son at school. So, he and my niece (his wife) got together with my nephew’s teachers and set up a time for my nephew to give his big reveal. My niece was recording the kiddo as he was coloring and my nephew walked in. Everyone held their breath, waiting for that big, excited moment as he said, “Hi son, what are you doing?” The baby looked up at his dad, innocent as could be and said, “I’m coloring.” And went back to coloring. Definitely not the reveal we all expected, but absolutely memorable. This daddy decided to surprise his kids and his greeting was much more tear-jerking than ours. Take a look! His son’s excitement when he saw dad says everything. And the daughter? Wow. These kids definitely missed their daddy and are so glad to have him back home. As for my nephew and his kiddo? Inseparable. And sometimes they even color together!

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