If you live to your nineties, you’ve obviously got some fight in you. At least, that’s been my experience with nonagenarians. My great grandmother was a nonagenarian and even at ninety four years old that woman could command the attention of every person in a room. Possibly because she was ninety four years old. She would tell bawdy jokes that would make grown men blush, and she would hold hands with small children and whisper to them in a conspiratorial voice. She was nothing if not a spitfire and if I make it to ninety four I hope to have half the woman she was. This woman reminds me a lot of my nona. As she dances with her caretaker, she decides she’s ready to take things to the next level. Leaning in close, she tells him, “Leave your wife.” Take a look! What a funny woman! She certainly knows a good thing when she finds it! I mean, here she has a man willing to dance with her, and he’s good looking and strong to boot. She’s definitely got the right idea in trying to secure him as her own. My nona would have done the same!

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