Everybody loves a snow day. That free day where the world is ours to conquer. Snow forts, snow men, snow balls, everything about snow is amazing. What I never thought about before is that animals at the zoo experience snow days, too. I don’t know why I never thought about it – maybe because I live in Texas and we just don’t get that much snow – but from the look of this video, they not only get snow days, they LOVE snow days! Take a look!

My absolute favorite was the elephant frolicking in the snow. I don’t think about elephants in snow often. Usually I imagine them in the desert, or the jungle. I never once thought about an elephant in the snow. So seeing them in it and seeing how much fun they have is truly delightful! I don’t know if they get snow days often, but I hope they do…it looks like they truly had a blast!

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