Lazy Golden Retriever Figured Out She Can Float Instead Of Swim

Every dog has a personality all their own. Some are shy and quiet, some are personable and never met a stranger. Some are tiny with a big bark, and others are gigantic lapdogs who want nothing more than to cuddle close to their owners. This dog? This dog thinks she’s an otter. When her owner brought her to a pool to swim, this dog quickly figured out she could float instead of swim. And it’s the cutest thing ever! Take a look!

I’ve got three gigantic dogs of my own, and each with their own personalities. The oldest is a lover. He just wants to love everyone and shows up to the front door with a toy in his mouth every time. The middle one is also a lover, but thinks she’s ferocious. She will stand outside and bark at the gas man every time he takes a reading at our house. The youngest? He is all mischief. A naughty dog to his core…he’s the one who would figure out he could float…but probably by stealing someone’s raft first.

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