Baby Stops Crying When Taylor Swift Comes On

We all have that favorite song that can lift us out of any funk. In junior high it was anything NKOTB for me. As an adult I lean toward Bohemian Rhapsody or anything by Billy Joel. Thing is, doesn’t matter what I’m doing or how badly my day is going, once one of those songs comes on, I’m in the moment. In the groove. I’m cool and calm and ready to tackle the world again. For this baby? Taylor Swift. She’s sobbing her little baby eyeballs out and when the song comes on? Poof. Good. Take a look!

I know from first hand experience the song is probably going to change over the years, but I also know that music is always going to affect her. Whether it’s there to make her laugh, help her with a breakup, or just calm her down after a really bad day, I hope this kiddo always finds a way to rock on.

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