Son Surprises Parents With 130 Pound Weight Loss

This whole new year/new me business is tough to keep up. It’s one thing to feel the drive of New Year’s Day, but once that is over, how do we stick to those pledges we made whilst under the influence of champagne and fireworks? It isn’t easy. So some of us make simpler pledges…be a better person, make wiser choices. Others make those old familiar dedications that we all find so hard to keep: exercise more, lose weight. And for most of us, by March 1st, the glamor and excitement of the resolution has passed and we’re used to writing the actual new year on our paperwork (instead of the year before) and we move forward. But for some, some are able to actually stick it out. This guy stuck it out and surprised his family by losing the weight of a whole other adult human over the course of a year. Take a look!

How amazing is that? The sound of excitement in his parent’s voices shows that this is something they’ve wanted for him for a very long time, so the fact that he was able to make it happen is a gift not only to himself, but to his whole family. Congratulations on your huge success, and hopefully to many to come!

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