We all have things from our past we aren’t proud of. I remember stealing a cookie from the neighbor’s kitchen when I was seven years old. The thrill of taking the cookie was short lived because the neighbor caught me. “You could have just come and asked for one,” she said. The instant guilt of my pilfered pleasure completely destroyed any sense of joy I’d felt from the cookie in the first place. I never stole again. My dogs, on the other hand? Complete and unapologetic thieves. Their bounty of choice? Bread. The first time it happened I’d just bought a hot loaf of french bread from the grocery store. I set it on the counter and went to the restroom. By the time I came out, the bread was gone. A glance outside showed my dog chowing down in my hot, fresh bread. I thought the guilt would be enough to stop further theft, but two weeks later it happened again. This time with a good ol’ fashion loaf of Sara Lee. For the dog in this video, it’s a cupcake that was stolen. His reaction to the reminder? Take a look! So while I felt super guilty, and my dogs felt no guilt, this dog seems to just not want to be reminded of his thievery. At least maybe that’ll keep him away from future ones…unlike my dogs and bread.

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