Patient Dog Waits For Owner Outside Store

Any dog owner knows their dogs have personalities as unique as any human. Some are quirky, other stubborn, some just want to have fun, and some just want to please. This dog? Total pleaser. After being adopted from a shelter, this dog’s owner works with him and trains him to do some pretty unique tricks. A favorite? Waiting outside the store. Take a look!

This dog is super smart and obviously well trained and loved, but I personally love my opinionated little fluffers to pieces. They know sit, and stay, and one of them know, “Get on the couch,” but other than that they obey about as well as a walnut. Would it be cool to have a dog as obedient as this one? Maybe. I don’t know. I kinda like my goofy little fuzzies just the way they are…their surprises always keep me smiling.

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