When we’re going through a rough time, we look for anything possible that might brighten our day. Sometimes it’s a flower growing up through the sidewalk, or the sight of a rainbow peeking through the clouds. Maybe it’s the kind word of a stranger, or better, the gentle hug of a friend. No matter what it is, that one thing can turn a bleak situation into a hopeful situation if we find a way to let it. Nothing feels as hopeless and rough as when we have a child sick in the hospital. When this mom’s child was in the hospital, she and her other son stopped in the store to pick up some provisions and that moment – that one small brightness happened right in the checkout lane. Take a look!

That cashier may never have known how much her simple act of kindness meant to that family, but that’s the thing about kindness…it matters even when we don’t see the outcome. As for the mom? Her other kiddo is back home and healthy. And her son will probably never forget the sweet cashier who became the bright spot in his day, even if just for a moment.

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