These Teachers Find Out How Their Students Truly Felt About Them

My first profoundly impactful teacher was Mr. Morris in the eighth grade. We lived in a small town and he was not only my English teacher, but also music, homeroom, and my parent’s real estate agent (not even kidding). Mr. Morris was all about students finding their own way to do things. So if he assigned a book report, he never assigned a specific book – just an intention for what he expected the report to be. At the end of that year I told Mr. Morris that I’d always wanted to learn the saxophone, but never picked it up. He gave me one to teach myself with over the summer, and that confidence in me that I could do it made me do it. He never doubted me, at least not openly. I never got to tell him thanks for the self-confidence he instilled in me, but I will never forget it. And I imagine his reaction would have been similar to the teachers in this video. Take a look!

We’ve all had someone make a huge difference in our lives, and the chance to say ‘thank you’ is something we shouldn’t wait on. I hope someday I get the chance to tell Mr. Morris what an impact he had on me, because he truly did change my life.

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