Mom Breaks Down As Autistic Son Instantly Bonds With New Dog

Our children are our world. Every mom feels that way. That tiny person is the center of our universe and they don’t even know it. We would all do anything we could to make our children have great lives, but sometimes it isn’t as easy as that. Any mom with a child who has a disability knows that sometimes there are things you simply can not give them. Whether it’s physical, or mental, or physiological, when we can’t fix it the pain goes so much deeper than normal pain. For this mom, watching her son struggle with autism has been a pain she couldn’t fix for his entire life. Knowing the person he is inside, but also knowing he couldn’t ‘connect’ with other people made life almost unbearable. But then a miracle happened. Her son met his service dog for the first time and mom finally got a glimpse of the happy life her child might one day lead. Take a look!

Seeing her son connect so quickly to this dog must have been a miracle in her eyes. The tears are simply an outpouring of relief and joy in knowing her son’s life was about to change for the better. And as a parent, that’s all we ever want for our kids.

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