Babies Saying Mama For The First Time Is The Sweetest Thing Ever!

As a mama, something you wait desperately for (almost from birth) is the first time that sweet, sweet baby says ‘mama’. It’s music to any mother’s ears, and yet some babies hold out WAY too long to sing that song. My son was one of those hold outs. I swear, he could say the cat’s name before he could say mine. In fact, I’m pretty sure there were days he called a local Chinese restaurant and actually ordered in Mandarin…but couldn’t say mama. I digress, though. The babies in this video are all saying ‘mama’ for the first time, and it’s the cutest thing ever. Okay, some of them aren’t saying it…but that makes it even cuter. Take a look!

Like I said above, the holdouts are my favorite. it’s like they know mom is waiting, and they just want to see her churn. Just like my son. Well played, babies. Well played. Or for my Mandarin speaking son? D? di h?o. D? di h?o.

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