Man Viciously Mauled By Baby Bear, Dies From Cuteness

Warning to sensitive viewers: this video will make you say ‘aww’ and maybe even make you tear up just a bit. Not that anything sad happens. Not even a little sad. It’s just that darling. I mean, at any minute you expect the big man to reach down and cradle that baby bear mama-bear style and maybe take it home for a bath. I don’t know. Maybe that’s just me. Take a look!

My biggest question through this whole video, though, is where was mama bear? Did something happen to her? Does she even know baby is playing with strangers? I think that’s what made me tear up. The idea that this baby might not have a mama to go home to. But hopefully everything is just fine and baby and mama were reunited in no time. That’s what I’m going to think. Because otherwise I’m going to need another hanky…

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