Kid Randomly Plays Piano In Store, Blows Everyone AWAY!

We all want our kids to succeed in life. When they’re little we start flash cards. Or as they start school we find them tutors, buy them the best learning games, do everything in our power to give them the edge they’ll need to be successful. Some kids, though, some are just way more advanced than the rest of us. As a little kid, I took piano lessons, played the cello, took sign language (as a language, in elementary school), sang in the choir, and participated in every Girl Scout activity possible…and will still never have half the talent this kid has in his little pinky. While most kids go to a toy store and want to play with the toys, this kid sidled up to the piano and blew everyone away. Take a look!

Seriously, at first it sounds like a recording, or maybe even one of those player pianos. It’s really hard to believe that a kid would just step up and be able to play like that from memory. Unbelievable. But truly talented. And incredible. Keep up the amazing act, kid! You’re gonna go far!

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