Dog Fell Asleep With New Toy Still In Mouth

Christmas is hard business. After all the prep, the toys, the visits with Santa, and all those little kids, it’s no surprise this pup was pooped out. Christmas is hard enough on humans, but for pets it can be just as tough. Weeks of new smells in the air, visitors constantly, shiny things they aren’t supposed to play with, grabby kids they’re supposed to be kind to, and after it all this pupper received a special toy all his own. But, after all was said and done, there’s only so much pep a pup can muster. He played with his toy, and then promptly fell asleep…toy still in mouth. Take a look!

I’ve been there. We all have. Maybe not with the toy in our mouth, but just so tired and happy that we fell asleep before the party was truly finished. My uncle does it every Christmas. He makes sure all the kiddo’s get their toy, compliments the chefs on their foods, lays out the Easy Chair, and off he goes to LaLa land. I think he and this pup would be great pals.

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