This Ugly Blob Is Actually A Hedgehog With No Spikes!

You know those creatures who are so ugly they’re cute? This is not one of them. While hedgehogs are unquestionable some of the cutest little creatures on the planet, this guy looks like the biggest tick you’ve ever seen in your life. But what he loses in looks he makes up for in sweet personality. Nelson showed up at this hedgehog rescue missing almost all of his spikes and almost all of his fur. Since then he’s gone completely bald. Not that bald is always bad…but on hedgehogs it isn’t exactly cute or cuddly, either. Which is funny, considering hedgehogs aren’t exactly cuddly to begin with. Take a look!

Okay, I take it back. He is cute. Weird, but cute. I’ve just never seen a naked hedgehog before. I’m sure if he saw me naked, he’d probably have a word or two to say, too. Nelson is nothing if not unique, and while he probably won’t win any beauty pageants any time soon, he’s definitely a softy amongst otherwise prickly souls.

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