The reason Charlie Brown is so iconic, so popular, is that he’s relatable. We’ve all had a Charlie Brown moment at some point in our lives. Some of us have had them over and over again. That time when we bend over to tie our shoe, and tip over instead. Or when we reach for something and bonk heads with someone. Every single time we catch our pinky toe on the coffee table feels like a Charlie Brown moment. This little boy received a sled for Christmas and then experienced one of the biggest Charlie Brown moments I’ve seen in a long time. First, he tries to get on the sled, and falls off. Then, when he reaches for the sled, it gets away from him. Take a look! What makes it such a Charlie Brown moment is that it gets away from him over and over. It’s like the sled is taunting him. Just out of reach. He falls so many times I lose count. Yet, he keeps going. Why? Because that’s what we Charlie Browns do. We keep trying even though we know it’s gonna keep getting away…

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