Bedtime is bedtime. Except when it isn’t. Like when we’ve got to stay up late to finish something. Or watch a movie. Or maybe we just can’t sleep. Maybe that’s why dogs don’t always understand bedtime…it isn’t always finite. It’s like more of a suggestion than a concrete fact. Like, if you tell a dog, “Wanna go on a walk?” that dog knows what’s up immediately. That’s because ‘walk’ never changes. Bedtime? Not so much. So when this pooch decides it’d rather go play with the chickens rather than sleep, it can’t understand why it’s owner won’t let it. And the cutest argument ever ensues. Take a look!

Seriously, who could say no to a face like that? Those eyes alone would make me want to let the pupper have whatever it was it wanted. This pooch though? Bedtime. Sorry, little one…maybe next time.

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