If I ever have to go under anesthesia, my only request is going to be that no one records me when I wake up. I’ve seen WAY too many videos of people doing ridiculous things when they first wake up from anesthesia for me to want ANYONE near me with a camera. Remember the guy who thought his wife was hot? Or the girl who kept proposing to her nurse? Or what about the sister whose brothers convinced her the zombie apocalypse had taken place while she was sleeping. No sir’ree, none of that. Still, there is something so funny about people when they first come out of anesthesia. This girl, for instance, thinks the fish are drowning. She has the most heartbreaking reaction to it, too. Heartbreaking, that is, if fish could drown. But since they can’t, it’s really more hilarious than anything. Take a look!

She just looks so upset about it, right? I mean, those fish are in there drowning and no one is helping them. So sad! And funny. I don’t know what the surgery was for, but I do wish her a very quick recovery…and I hope she didn’t actually try to rescue those fish.

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