Every winter we have to readjust to the snow. Whether you live in Texas or Tennessee or any of the super duper snowy states or countries (who knows where you’re reading this from), snow is always an adjustment. There’s a street in St. Paul Minnesota that has multiple major accidents every single year on the first day of the first snow fall, and then not again all season. I think I read that somewhere. I might have made it up. But it’s true, it’s always an adjustment. It’s not just the snow that’s the adjustment, though. it’s all the accessories that go along with it. Ever try to buckle your seatbelt around a massive snow coat? Nearly impossible. This dog? Not such a fan of snow shoes. Take a look!

Apparently the pup wears them every year, but has to readjust to them every year, too. I get that. At least when I have to start wearing bulky coats and galoshes again I have an idea of why I’m wearing them. Unlike this pup, who is about to be in for the funniest walk of his life.

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